Property Management Vendors

TMG Verified Vendors are registered with NetVendor, and have all the required documentation to ensure homeowners are protected.

NetVendor is The Management Group’s primary vendor management system for compliance and risk management. The Management Group’s goal is to ensure that we partner with vendors that understand the safety, risks and regulations of their industry, and who work diligently to manage them effectively.

If you are interested in partnering with TMG to provide services to our clients, please see the instructions below to become a part of our master vendor list for all of The Management Group’s divisions. We look forward to introducing you to increased business through our proprietary list, as well as the exposure to all clients with access to NetVendor’s website that are seeking out a contractor.

Property Management Vendors

Our properties are very important to the people who own, live and work there. That’s why ensuring the protection of our properties is important to us. NetVendor is here to help our company manage the insurance requirements of the vendors who perform work at our properties, ensuring our assets are protected at all times.


  • Have all your insurance information in one place.
  • All of The Management Group’s locations (as well as any other company or homeowner that uses NetVendor) will have visibility into your company, increasing your potential for new business.
  • NetVendor works directly with your insurance agent(s) on your behalf.
  • NetVendor will provide assistance with your insurance and licensing all year.

What do I need to do?

 Step 1: Go to, select VENDORS at the top of the screen and follow the directions.

Step 2: Within a couple of hours, you will receive an email with instructions on how to begin your registration process with NetVendor.

Step 3: If you already have an account with NetVendor, log in and Select The Management Group, download the “Required Documents” and email or fax them to NetVendor.

Read The Management Group – NetVendor FAQs.